Thomas Bowles Shannon
Thu Feb 23, 14:56

Daniel M. Ferguson's mother was Ellen Mary Shannon Ferguson. Her brother was Thomas Bowles Shannon.

Thomas Bowles Shannon was a 49ner in the California gold rush. He was also in Congress during the Lincoln administration. Thomas was appointed by President Grant collector of customs at San Francisco. He owned a mercantile business in San Francisco.

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    Wow, lots of good stuff, thanks guys. Dave just emailed me some clippings and comments from Chaput, and I only briefly looked it over so far, but I believe one of the articles he sent addresses the issue... more
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      Ben ... it was in Silva, The Cowtown Years page 626 Lake lost his notes on Miller but wrote to to Vestal: "During the War years of 1917-1918 Danny was hired as a special officer, or guard around the... more
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        Gobs, I have the newspaper clipping for the shooting in 1921 on my newspaperdotcom account. I also have a clipping of a letter Daniel wrote to the editor of the North Platte newspaper in April of 1884... more
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      Ben ... this was in one of the books I checked ... of course, I can't remember which "In 1921, Daniel M. Ferguson was 62 years old and living in Alameda, California. On Sunday, April, 17,1921, The San... more