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Wed Mar 01, 12:35

One hundred percent certain...Daniel Samuel Miller died in 1919. He is buried in the Lake Valley cemetery...Are you suggesting that in 1921, Daniel Samuel Miller, jumped out of his grave in Lake Valley, New Mexico and made his way to Alameda, California to shoot and kill John Goldstone ?

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    Are we as certain as the various Grahams, Hanks and Yosts/Yoasts?
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      • "In 1921, Daniel M. Ferguson was 62 years old and living in Alameda, California. On Sunday, April, 17,1921, The San Francisco Examiner reported that a shipyard guard in Alameda named Daniel Miller Ferguson... more
        • California death indexRobert Buckley, Wed Mar 01 15:01
          Name: Daniel Ferguson Gender: Male Birth Date: 1 Oct 1859 Birth Place: Pennsylvania Death Date: 13 Jun 1944 Death Place: Alameda Mother's Maiden Name: Shannon Father's Surname: Ferguson