Jerry Prather
Wyatt in Hollywood turnaround?
Wed Mar 01, 14:38

My curiosity aroused, I went searching for more information on whatever this is. Found a Hollywood Reporter Exclusive from July 23, 2011 announcing it!! So is this news from a time warp, or after twelve years is it being resurrected? If he was playing a 70 year old Wyatt back then, is he going to be playing an 82 year old Wyatt now? I am going to put on my Criswell wig and predict that in the year 2033 Harrison Ford will win the Academy Award for best actor in a leading role for his portrayal of Wyatt Earp in the movie BLACK HATS. Here's a TV report on it from the last decade:

  • another....another Earp movieRoger S Peterson, Wed Mar 01 10:53
    I may be late in posting this because I haven't been here for some time. Harrison Ford is playing a 70 year old Wyatt in an upcoming movie. Kate Elder has asked the aging Wyatt to help get hers and Doc... more
    • Wyatt in Hollywood turnaround? — Jerry Prather, Wed Mar 01 14:38
      • Re: Wyatt in Hollywood turnaround?Daniel Buck, Wed Mar 01 16:09
        I think 12 years in the movie development business is a nanosecond or an endless eternity, one or the other but which is not clear at the time. The idea of a a senior citizen Earp going up against... more
    • Re: another....another Earp movieDaniel Buck, Wed Mar 01 11:01
      As long as they cast the two Brendans, Brendan Fraser as Al Capone and Brendan Gleeson as Bat Masterson, I'm all in.