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Fri Mar 03, 17:43

The San Francisco Examiner
Friday, March 20 14

“ The wedding of Daniel Miller and Miss Tillie Benson took place recently at the home of the bride’s parents in Dixon, Solano County. After the ceremony the couple came to San Francisco where they will make their future home .”

Gobs, Daniel married Tillie Benson under his alias ” Daniel Miller.”....I thought he may have married Tillie with the name Ferguson, but that was not the case...When Tillie applied for a divorce, she gave his name as Daniel Miller Ferguson.

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    He's almost that mini Wyatt ... unable to find a more lucrative occupation or pastime to support a wife and child
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        How confused was he? Robert ... still strange that later the SF Call [or its readers] weren't confused by the name change between the different articles ... they apparently all recognised him as the... more
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          I believe that was the newspapers way of outing him to the larger population.After the newspaper realized what condition his wife Tillie was in ,His time in the limelight as Danny Miller was over. ... more
          • Robert ... that's what I assumed, but the readers would have to be pretty savvy ... a big reveal by a rival newspaper? ... surely something happened between 1896-1906 ... he was Captain of the shipyard... more