Sarah Stegall
Two guys talking...
Sun Mar 05, 0:01

This is clearly a discussion between/among man children: it's all about historical advances = better weapons. Seriously?

Real "progress" or "advance" in human society is founded on things like FARMING, weaving, better medicine, etc. Yes, we've found "better ways to off ourselves", but that is too narrow a focus. We've also found better ways to feed, clothe, and heal ourselves. In fact, we're better at doing that than we are at killing ourselves, or there wouldn't be nine billion of us on the planet, would there?

The ultimate culmination of our progress may, in fact, be peace. What's holding us back is the unequal social constructs among us, which hold some of us in tyranny and poverty, and others in relative freedom and prosperity. This leads to conflict on every level, now made more urgent by climate change, which is going to force migrations on a level that will dwarf the Gold Rush. If we face a dark future, as Bruce believes, it is because we still cling to the delusion that life is a zero-sum game, requiring one group to wrest resources from the other. I believe that eventually we will learn better. Maybe not in this generation or the next, but eventually.

I don't know how or when this alignment of values will take place, which makes it a mystery, right?

Which rhymes with history.

  • Spot on.olds, Sat Feb 04 10:00
    Historical human progress, a squishy concept that I remain of two minds about, definitely expresses itself most apparently in technological advances, many if not most of them offshoots of weaponry research.... more
    • Two guys talking... — Sarah Stegall, Sun Mar 05 0:01
      • Bless you, Sarah, butolds, Sun Mar 05 9:46
        both as a student of history and a 71-year-old still possessed of a goodly portion of his waning wits--I see absolutely no reason to believe that the ultimate culmination of our so-called progress--a concept... more
        • I should add, Sarah,olds, Sun Mar 05 11:10
          that whether we are talking about "advances" in species-ending weaponry, or in AI--as you are aware, the two are clearly closely connected--I fail to understand how focusing on such "progress," which is... more