Bless you, Sarah, but
Sun Mar 05, 9:46

both as a student of history and a 71-year-old still possessed of a goodly portion of his waning wits--I see absolutely no reason to believe that the ultimate culmination of our so-called progress--a concept I have trouble with in any case--may be peace (a notion we would have more clearly to define from the outset), or that "eventually we will learn better," whatever that "learning" may consist of or how much "better" it might prove. But then, I am, unlike yourself, anything but an optimist by nature and typically encounter difficulty understanding the attitude of those who are.

I can't pretend to know the future, prescient I am not, but I suspect your scenario here is less firmly rooted in thousands of years of historical evidence or a correct reading of human nature than it is in wishful thinking, blind faith and naive hope.

That said, I do hope that you are right and I am wrong. I just don't believe it. Not for a nano second.

(Mystery and history not only rhyme, more often than not they are all but synonymous.)

Good seeing you here.

  • Two guys talking...Sarah Stegall, Sun Mar 05 0:01
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    • Bless you, Sarah, but — olds, Sun Mar 05 9:46
      • I should add, Sarah,olds, Sun Mar 05 11:10
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