There was more than one suit filed
Fri Mar 10, 14:27

Butch ... all I CLAIMED is that the article repeats the "fact" that Wyatt was a claim jumper rather than the whole legal entanglements involved ... in a battle between a multitude of claim jumpers and a few crooked politicians, "legally sanctified" decisions are sufficient to merit only one winner, Pritchard, and a host of losers

"After A.J. Pritchard began filing multiple claims in the area, his holdings being quite extensive. When the Earps came to Eagle City they formed their own mining company and decided to challenge Pritchard’s claims. The other partners in the company were DANNY FERGUSON, John Hardy, Jack Enright and Alfred Holman. Pritchard and the Earps found themselves in court frequently, arguing for miners’ rights and defending claim jumps. Pritchard won at least one suit where he claimed the Earps had jumped a claim.
Wyatt’s partners (FERGUSON, et al) were claiming to have legally purchased a lot in downtown Eagle City from Philip Wyman. Another gentleman, William Buzzard, claimed that he had purchased the lot from Sam Black whereon he built a cabin. Enright claimed the cabin was not located on the same lot he purchased. Nevertheless, Buzzard began hauling lumber to the site to begin construction of a hotel.
On March 29, Buzzard pointed a rifle at Enright and ordered him off his property. Enright left, but when he returned he was accompanied by Ferguson, Holman and William Payne who were, as they say, “armed to the teeth.” Bullets soon began flying, with two bullets hitting Buzzard’s hat and Enright narrowly missing a bullet in his face.
The Earp brothers stepped in, and as the report goes, took on the role of peacemakers:
with characteristic coolness, they stood where the bullets from both parties flew about them, joked with the participants upon their poor marksmanship, and although they pronounced the affair a fine picture, used their best endeavors to stop the shooting.
The Shoshone County sheriff ordered Buzzard to stop shooting, while Wyatt persuaded Enright and his friends to give up their guns. Later Buzzard and Enright had a smoke together and worked out their differences apparently. However, more than a decade later Buzzard would claim that Wyatt Earp was the instigator of the “lot-jumping claims” – again his reputation would be tainted.
A few months after Enright and Buzzard battled, Enright was involved in another gunfight, this time with the manager of the Eagle City Pioneer, Henry Bernard. Enright was shot by Bernard and died. Not long afterwards, the Earps sold out (at a loss) and left Eagle City.

Deputy DANNY FERGUSON was advised by Earp to leave the area after another killing ... which is where we came in

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    against Wyatt Earp. And most of those suits were still pending when Wyatt Earp left that area. Eventually, Wyatt lost most of those suits, but it didn't matter. Wyatt had picked those claims clean and... more
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        And my only point was an is that Wyatt Earp was a claim jumper. One can take the position that he was challenging Prichard's claims - and Prichard made more than one claim. Prichard eventually won all... more
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          Butch ... All I've ever ascertained is that Prichard and his associates [it isn't clear who actually discovered the initial claims) made countless illegal claims by proxy for people living outside the... more