John Boessenecker
Josephine Earp
Wed Mar 15, 16:30

I just got the Wild West History Assn. journal a few days ago and finished reading it today. I can't express fully how impressed I am at Peter Brand's research into Josephine Marcus's early years. His historical detective work is simply incredible. It is amazing how much Peter was able to dig up. Most Wyatt Earp buffs have, for the past ten years or more, understood that Sadie was a prostitute and that her memoir had been fictionalized to cover up those early years of her life. But now Peter has filled in those blanks about her career of prostitution in San Francisco and Arizona. His confirmation that she was indeed the Arizona prostitute Sadie Mansfield -- who broke up Johnny Behan's marriage -- is also amazing. Well done!!

  • Peter Brand's WWHA article on Josie EarpRoger S Peterson, Sat Mar 11 14:54
    Great article, well researched and written.
    • Josephine Earp — John Boessenecker, Wed Mar 15 16:30
    • Re: Peter Brand's WWHA article on Josie EarpPam Potter, Wed Mar 15 6:44
      The article shows that there are still hidden gems out there, to be uncovered. We don't yet have all the answers. It takes diligent sleuthing to dig this deep into people from the past. Well done, ... more
    • Benchmark work, plain and simple.Mike Mihaljevich, Tue Mar 14 9:13
      Peter’s article is a masterclass in research. It shows how powerful the combined strength of hundreds and hundreds of informational plot-points can be (when combined with the dedication to find and compile... more
      • Wild West HistoryEddie Lanham, Wed Mar 15 6:49
        Roundup 2023.
    • Josie/Sadie - procured at a very tender age.Peter Brand, Sat Mar 11 16:38
      Thank you Roger Anyone interested in the sad, but true, story of Josephine "Sadie" Earp's youth might want to read this article. My only regret is that Roger Jay and Carol Mitchell are no longer... more
      • Josie articleSharon Cunningham, Sun Mar 12 13:58
        Peter, thanks for delving even further into Josie's story... I regret, too, that my Friend, the late Carol Mitchell as well as Roger Jay aren't still with us to enjoy your latest Josie efforts. Stay... more