Last Will and Testament of John M. Chenoweth
Sun Mar 19, 11:11

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More details [if needed] courtesy of Roy Young
Were Joyce and friends ever out of court?

Chenoweth, John Augustus ("Johnny" or "Parson")

Came to Arizona from Oakland, California ... settled first at San Simon Cienega in the late 1870's
1880 Pima County census ... Huachuca Mountains, Ramsey Canyon ... age 46 ... teamster ... born Arkansas
Served as a special policeman on the night of 1881 fire
Ran Oriental Saloon ... later The Grand Hotel bar
Partner with Jack H. Allman [Altman]* in saloon located at 426 Allen Street
He was charged by the county with violation of revenue laws for selling liquor and manufacturing tobacco products without a licence

Supposedly killed one of Curley Bill's men with a single punch while preaching at Galeyville

*Jack H. Allman [Altman], clerk, porter and saloonkeeper at Grand Hotel

Testified at Spicer hearing ... warned Earps that the cowboys were spying on them from room in Grand Hotel

  • Last Will and Testament of John M. ChenowethRobert Buckley, Sun Mar 19 6:32
    https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn84025968/1890-09-06/ed-1/seq-1/#date1=1890&index=1&rows=20&words=Chenowith+John&searchType=basic&sequence=0&state=California&date2=1890&proxtext=John+Chenowit... more
    • Last Will and Testament of John M. Chenoweth — gobs, Sun Mar 19 11:11
      • Paralee Peters....Robert Buckley, Sun Mar 19 13:16
        John M. Chenoweth met and started a courtship with Paralee Peters at Tombstone in 1880. Paralee was living with her parents, Jordan and Mary Peters,along with her sister Hattie. Mary Peters ran a boarding... more
        • Paralee Peters....gobs, Mon Mar 20 3:44
          Any connection? f.610 Lee Rutan vs. Charles Longwell Rutan Divorce 1882 May "On January 31, 1882, Behan was arrested for collecting bills totaling $300 twice, arraigned in front of Justice Stilwell,... more
          • Paul Lee Johnson's bookRobert Buckley, Tue Mar 21 12:52
            Gobs, in Paul Lee Johnson's book on the McLaurys, look at pages 259-262.There is information on Mary Peters boarding house on these pages...This is the boarding house that John M. Chenoweth lived at during... more
            • Paul Lee Johnson's bookgobs, Tue Mar 21 15:44
              And on page 136 the rogue Chenowyth is named as one of the many ranchers who dealt in stolen stock ... Barney Riggs is on there too ... meanwhile Lynn R.Bailey's The Unwashed Crowd has a page and a half... more
              • the Peerless SaloonRobert Buckley, Wed Mar 22 0:36
                In 1890, John M. Chenoweth owned the Peerless Saloon. In 1900, John Farley was the proprietor of the Peerless Saloon. It was here that Wyatt Earp had a fight with Tom Mulqueen . https://chron... more
                • The Peerless Saloongobs, Wed Mar 22 6:47
                  More like an assault than a fight [if it happened as described] ... one article in the anti-Earp The Call is the only evidence Discovered that I had read about Buckley in John Boessenecker's When Law... more
                  • Re: The Peerless SaloonRobert Buckley, Wed Mar 22 7:00
                    • Re: Re: The Peerless Saloongobs, Wed Mar 22 7:50
                      "He is on record for knocking out several men in fist fights" Robert ... even more reason to call it [an albeit probably provoked] drunken attack ... the heat of his many moments ... I've only recently... more
          • The Tombstone Daily Epitaph, August 19,1880Robert Buckley, Mon Mar 20 6:22
            The Tombstone Daily Epitaph, August 19,1880 stated that the bartenders name at the Oriental Saloon was John M. Chenoweth...In" A Wyatt Earp Anthology " It states that The Tombstone Daily Epitaph, August... more
            • Robert ... so all the Young details are incorrect? There are quite a lot of coincidences ... not slips of the pen ... two entirely different people AND ... The Findagrave has GUS(?) or JOHNNY(?) dying... more
              • Re: The Tombstone Daily Epitaph, August 19,1880Robert Buckley, Mon Mar 20 9:46
                Thanks Gobs, what we have is two different men with similar names. John Augustus Chenowth was a no-nonsense gun toting preacher. He is the one who gave an uppercut to one of Curly Bill's men. He was... more
                • Robert ... wasn't the milder Chenoweth the editor for a pro-Joyce, anti-Earp newspaper? ... on the scarcest evidence of any comparable personality disorder, I can't begin to compare his presumably single... more
                  • Re: Re: The Tombstone Daily Epitaph, August 19,1880Robert Buckley, Mon Mar 20 19:10
                    Gobs, at the time of Chenoweth's death , I found a few California newspapers that claimed he was involved with a newspaper in Tombstone. As of yet , I haven't found anything contemporary to confirm those... more
                    • Robert ... thanks again ... still confused about the four shots [and pause] ... two attempts, even on himself? I will try to find the article mentioning Chenoweth's editorship ... you'd think it would... more