Joyce A. Aros
BJ/ Forgot to mention...
Mon May 01, 17:32

...when I posted the 'Put up job!' at the beginning of this thread, I was having a little fun trying to get a discussion going as it had been rather slow for a couple of weeks. It was meant 'tongue-in-cheek.' Perhaps your friend needs to develop a little sense of humour.

See if you can help him along in that way. It will make life much easier...for all of us.

  • BJ/ I fully understand...Joyce A. Aros, Mon May 01 10:19
    ...that your responses to me are meant with humorous needling and I have no problem with that. I have a hide like an alligator most of the time. I approach this whole Tombstone evaluation from a... more
    • BJ/ Forgot to mention... — Joyce A. Aros, Mon May 01 17:32
      • Re: BJ/ Forgot to mention...B.J., Tue May 02 2:49
        Hey Joyce, Mike is a very serious, nationally recognized writer and researcher. He doesn't need any humor tutorial lessons from myself. It might be a good idea to include an emotion icon with your... more
        • BJ/ thank you...Joyce A. Aros, Tue May 02 7:21
          ...I will try to remember that so no one will misunderstand and think it is part of my "game," as referred to!
          • JoyceB.J., Sun May 07 8:11
            I remember having to add another humanities class as a requirement to graduate from college many years ago. My girlfriend at the time suggested that I sign up for a philosophy-301 class with her. ... more