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the overwhelming weight of the documented evidence suggests (contrary to Buckskin Frank's claim) that a besotted and morose John Peters committed suicide in early July of 1882 in the Dragoons not far from Galeyville, AZ. It also suggests that Wyatt and John Henry shagtailed it from Arizona in March of 1882, some four months earlier, and that they both were in Colorado, Doc in Pueblo and Wyatt in Gunnison, at the time of Ringo's self-murder. (This notion that one or both of them somehow returned to AZ undetected to place the final cherry on the Vendetta Ride's whipped cream sundae and then clandestinely skedaddled from the territory again undetected once the deed was done, smacks of sheer fantasy.)

The overwhelming weight of the documented evidence likewise suggests that Wyatt (and John Henry?) had, to be charitable, a rather curious relationship to the facts of certain matters. In Wyatt's case, one might even call it a lifelong pattern of dissembling (or, as some less harshly prefer, Big Windy-ism).

Question. Why, then, some 40 years later, when he was in his 70s and long after Doc had relinquished the ghost, would Wyatt claim to any number of people, including Bechdolt, Lockwood and Florentine Hooker among others, that he was the one who had killed John Peters, even going so far as to draw a map of the event? What was to be gained, particularly at that point in his life, by making such an outlandish, demonstrably false assertion?

What, exactly, was his motivation in doing so? Did he feel he needed to further "bolster" his reputation for the sake of his "legacy," a reputation that he formerly was at great pains to dodge and downplay? Had he suffered some dimunition of that reputation that he felt he could recoup by pretending to be The Killer of Johnny Ringo? Was he so senile by that time that he actually believed, or had convinced himself, that he really was Ringo's assassin? Had he dissembled so often in the past that doing so had by that time become so habitual, so chronic, that he did so unthinkingly? Did he so deeply regret the Vendetta Ride having "missed out" on Stilwelling Ringo at the time, so to say, that he reckoned that claiming to have gun-notched him after the fact, tying that slippery loose end, was just too "neat" to pass up? I'm trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt here, but I frankly always have had difficulty understanding why Wyatt would give voice, and do so repeatedly, to such an easily disprovable claim.

Anyone? Any ideas?

  • Who killed Johnny Ringo ?Robert Buckley, Mon May 01 9:04
    Casey Tefertiller tells the story. https://youtu.be/28PQsCgcuN4
    • So, — olds, Mon May 01 18:45
      • Re: So,Anonymous, Tue May 02 3:20
        In 1893 in an intervview in Denver Wyatt said he (Ringo ) was shot by someone else." Keep Laughing Tom
        • Tom and BobPeter Love, Thu May 04 7:01
          Guys I read somewhere that Mary Ringo had visited Wyatt and out of respect for her he was not claiming to have done the job at that time. I don’t know when this was , but he definitely implied that... more
          • Re: Tom and BobBob Cash, Fri May 05 9:41
            The story about Mary Ringo was, in my feeble memory, something from Gilchriese who claimed Wyatt said that to Flood and Flood told him. Flood is disastrously vague and confusing. I've been trying to... more
            • Any idea, Bob,olds, Sat May 06 9:14
              about Virgil's source for his moccasin/Apache info, and when, if you know, he went on the record with it and to whom? Virgil left Tombstone in March of 1882, Ringo's suicide was three months later... more
            • Any?, Or even ...gobs, Fri May 05 10:45
              https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn84021913/1882-09-09/ed-1/seq-2/ https://nediscapp.com/discussion.cgi?disc=39627&article=31168&search_page=0&search_term=moccasins https://nediscapp.com/... more
              • Thank you, gobs...Bob Cash, Fri May 05 12:34
                ...for proving I'm right when I refer to my deteriorating memory. I appologize, Peter, for incorrectly correcting your aparently prisine memory.
                • Re: Thank you, gobs...Peter Love, Fri May 05 22:19
                  Bob No worries. None of it explains why a suicide would be falsified. Ringo was not wanted for any crime although seems acknowledged to be a rustler. Are you thinking that some of the big ranch... more
        • Well then Tom,olds, Tue May 02 9:16
          that makes Wyatt's later claim even more baffling, doesn't it? (I wasn't aware of that interview, so thanks for the reference.) In 1893, some 10, 11 years after Ringo's demise, he says one thing, then... more
          • I hope you are not suggestingTom Gaumer, Tue May 02 12:51
            Olds that the legend of Wyatt Earp might be faulty or have strayed from the truth!!!! Keep Laughing Tom
            • Oh Ye of Little FaithBob Cash, Tue May 02 14:41
              I happen to believe that it is at least possible that Wyatt did have something to do with Ringo's death, maybe even pulling the trigger himself. I remember the look on our late beloved friend Paul Cool's... more
          • Bruce, welcome back ... are you sure you have the suitable audience for your ponderings? ... I would have thought this all self-evident to the careful reader ... take care
            • Gobs, I amolds, Tue May 02 11:32
              70 years old and despite a lifelong systematic search have yet to stumble across a suitable audience, not only for my ponderings, but no less so for my lack thereof. I shall soldier on however in such... more
              • Correction.olds, Tue May 02 11:46
                71. I am 71. Jeez. Less time remaining than I had assumed. One day more is one day less, and the days speed by with increasing rapidity, gone in the proverbial blink of. Here today, gone later today. So... more
                • Me, a simple nonentity, born 1946/01/01 or 1946/01/01 Bruce ... I'd presumed you understood ... I had no intention in joining in with the fol-de-rol ... as far as I'm concerned anything that Wyatt... more
      • O;ds/ So?Joyce A. Aros, Mon May 01 19:31
        How enjoyably enlightening. Glad I didn't write it or it would not go over as worthy of consideration! Absolutely fantastic!