Mon May 01, 19:36

I would like to know what Behan enforced in Tombstone ever? Other than collecting taxes and such he was not enforcing local law? Did he not lie that he had disarmed them? Wasn't it overheard that Behan stated " don't go down there you'll be killed? Later he was heard "you boys did right". That was overheard by an independent witness.
Behan left his official duty as he ran off, why as a law officer would he not accompany them down and ease the tensions? Nope he ran.
As for the Morgan confrontation with 3 others watching the exchange was he going to do something rash? Earp's went out of there way not to demonstrate their abuse to citizens. Morgan was going to fight in the middle of the street.
The Earps had the authority to go down there and enforce the law, and the rest is history

  • Bruce/ as usual, I have a little problem...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Apr 26 16:41
    ...with some parts of your argument. There is no argument about the marshal's authority as to calling on anyone to assist him if he deemed it necessary. This was done all the time. My concern on that point... more
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      • But did Virgil act competently?Tom Gaumer, Tue May 02 3:38
        bfrey He rushed down to the scene for no good reason. Behan was still trying and had not yet failed. Look at the long list of consequences to satisfy Virgils impatience or eagerness to fight.... more