Tom Gaumer
Permits were given by
Tue May 02, 4:07

obtaining a permit in writing (and upon good cause shown by affidavit) from the presiding officer or the Board of Police Commissioners"
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  • True butTom Gaumer, Sun Apr 30 3:10
    Pat Are you sure the Sheriff or Town Marshal could give a permit? I thought it was another source for a permit? How could Doc have been legally armed? He could be the security in a saloon... more
    • Tom Doc PermitPat Mulligan, Sat May 06 8:07
      Permits as I understand, at the time, were issued by the local Law enforcement at their discretion. Very similar to how it is handled today except with much less paperwork! Perhaps someone more... more
      • who was in charge on authorizing carry permits?Tom Gaumer, Mon May 08 16:37
        Pat According to Lynn Bailey in his book "Too Tough To Die" It is hereby declared to be unlawful to carry in the hand or upon the person , or otherwise any deadly weapon within said City of Tombstone,... more
        • whsander@gmail.comWayne Sanderson, Mon May 08 23:31
          Presiding Officer in this case was the city Chief of Police. The members of the police commission were Commissioners. The CoP was an officer, and would be presiding because he stood election for the position.... more
    • Permits were given by — Tom Gaumer, Tue May 02 4:07