Tue May 02, 11:46

71. I am 71. Jeez. Less time remaining than I had assumed. One day more is one day less, and the days speed by with increasing rapidity, gone in the proverbial blink of. Here today, gone later today. So make hay while the sun's still shining, or something like that. But enough of my unsuitable pondering.

  • Gobs, I amolds, Tue May 02 11:32
    70 years old and despite a lifelong systematic search have yet to stumble across a suitable audience, not only for my ponderings, but no less so for my lack thereof. I shall soldier on however in such... more
    • Correction. — olds, Tue May 02 11:46
      • Me, a simple nonentity, born 1946/01/01 or 1946/01/01 Bruce ... I'd presumed you understood ... I had no intention in joining in with the fol-de-rol ... as far as I'm concerned anything that Wyatt... more