Tom Gaumer
I hope you are not suggesting
Tue May 02, 12:51

that the legend of Wyatt Earp might be faulty or have strayed from the truth!!!!
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  • Well then Tom,olds, Tue May 02 9:16
    that makes Wyatt's later claim even more baffling, doesn't it? (I wasn't aware of that interview, so thanks for the reference.) In 1893, some 10, 11 years after Ringo's demise, he says one thing, then... more
    • I hope you are not suggesting — Tom Gaumer, Tue May 02 12:51
      • Oh Ye of Little FaithBob Cash, Tue May 02 14:41
        I happen to believe that it is at least possible that Wyatt did have something to do with Ringo's death, maybe even pulling the trigger himself. I remember the look on our late beloved friend Paul Cool's... more
    • Bruce, welcome back ... are you sure you have the suitable audience for your ponderings? ... I would have thought this all self-evident to the careful reader ... take care
      • Gobs, I amolds, Tue May 02 11:32
        70 years old and despite a lifelong systematic search have yet to stumble across a suitable audience, not only for my ponderings, but no less so for my lack thereof. I shall soldier on however in such... more
        • Correction.olds, Tue May 02 11:46
          71. I am 71. Jeez. Less time remaining than I had assumed. One day more is one day less, and the days speed by with increasing rapidity, gone in the proverbial blink of. Here today, gone later today. So... more
          • Me, a simple nonentity, born 1946/01/01 or 1946/01/01 Bruce ... I'd presumed you understood ... I had no intention in joining in with the fol-de-rol ... as far as I'm concerned anything that Wyatt... more