Oh Bob.
Tue May 02, 15:43

Thanks for grabbing and posting your erstwhile response to Kenny here, but do you really believe that "Boyer had it right"? Certainly your prerogative, but difficult to understand how a person of your self-evident perspicacity and fair-mindedness conceivably could "think" that. I mean, Boyer. Need more be said? ("Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown.")

I suppose I get the impulse on the part of certain folks (who shall remain nameless) to, I won't say worship, but twist themselves into Gordian knots to explain the inexplicable or defend the indefensible or ignore or rationalize his history of dissembling or even his criminal record with respect to Wyatt Earp, but vis-a-vis his claim to have premeditatively murdered Ringo? No, that one, sorry, is not only difficult to swallow, it's entirely unpalatable, and the points you cite in your argument for suggesting otherwise are, in my estimation, particularly when considered in the context of the evidence to the contrary, not only unpersuasive, but flimsy in the extreme, the thinnest of thin reeds. (This is not to suggest that, all equal, Wyatt was not capable of such an act, he unquestionably was, only that in this instance it never happened.)

Anyway, that said, you are not wrong to suggest that I am someone of "little faith." In fact, I would go further. I would insist that I am someone of no faith whatever. I know you were being tongue-in-cheek when you wrote that, but the truth is that faith has no place in trying to get at the historical facts of any matter. Logic, reason, analytical and interpretive skill, on occasion even informed intuition do, but not faith.

I have no more faith in the word of Wyatt Earp than I do in that of his detractors. In these matters, I am Switzerland, and Switzerland is not only not buying Earp's claim, it is wondering why, for heaven's sake, he ever made it in the first place.

  • Re: An answer (of sorts), Mr. VailBob Cash, Thu Oct 13 2016 17:18
    I previously wrote: I have not worked out the logistical scenario, by which I suppose you mean train schedules, what trails Wyatt would take after de-training, etc. I base my supposition (and that is all... more
    • Oh Bob. — olds, Tue May 02 15:43
    • Interesting - thanks Mr. CashK.t.K., Fri Oct 14 2016 5:36
      Bob, I assume you are familiar with the account by Cipriano Baca, who claimed a rendezvous with Wyatt at Stein’s Station near the Arizona line, having shipped two saddle horses for Earp 77 miles west from... more
      • Sherlock HolmesEddie Lanham, Sat Oct 15 2016 2:14
        KtK, Great research! I assume your Stein's Station is the same as the "Town of Steins", AKA Stein's Pass, where the railroad was completed by 1880 and the Deming to Steins section was open for business.... more
        • Thanks EddieK.t.k., Sun Oct 16 2016 7:26
          Yes, you are correct about Steins. I was calling it "station" because of its listing on the contemporary SPRR maps. Baca absolutely recognized Wyatt at Steins Pass, from seeing him previously when he... more
          • BacaEddie Lanham, Mon Oct 17 2016 1:23
            Kenny, You have probably read this but... This link should take you to about the middle of Chapter #2. Pages 12-18 tell his story. Joyce will especially like the paragraph that refers to the Cow-boys as... more
            • vermin vs vermin?K.t.K., Mon Oct 17 2016 8:27
              Don't go there, EDDIE. I know what Joyce will say; we've got her quieted down for the moment. whew, Kenny
              • Wishful ThinkingBob Cash, Mon Oct 17 2016 11:05
                It's when Joyce is quiet that I get worried. I know she's preparing another onslaught on behalf of the "honest ranchmen" of Cochise County.
                • Bob/ rub the lamp....Joyce, Tue Oct 18 2016 8:28
                  ...and perhaps I'll disappear in a puff of smoke....or come back with ever more defense of the outlaws. Fact of the matter is, most don't understand that my defense is not for all those bad guys that... more
                  • Re: Bob/ rub the lamp....B.J., Tue Oct 18 2016 10:02
                    It's really sad that the cowboys were on their way to choir practice at church when the evil Earp's showed up and gunned them down LOL
                    • B.J./and then....Joyce, Tue Oct 18 2016 13:18
                      Hi B.J., Perhaps you could go back for me and be a little more specific. Could you retrace their steps and show us where, other than two of them wearing pistols on their way out of town, their behavior... more
                      • See, Kenny...Bob Cash, Sat Oct 22 2016 8:04
                        I told you Joyce was lying in wait. She sure keeps us on our toes.
            • Re: BacaBob Cash, Mon Oct 17 2016 4:47
              Chuck Hornung is the researcher responsible for this extremely important find. It is another of those little items that, if added to all other questions concerning Ringo's death, can help build a plausible... more
              • Vendetta Part II What IF ?Eddie Lanham, Tue Nov 15 2016 10:44
                Just fishing and searching for answers. What if Wyatt, funded by WF&Co., did return to exterminate Mr. Ringo? Over the past few weeks, I have pondered until I am pondered out. After studying the current... more
                • Ringo's RouteEddie Lanham, Sun Nov 20 2016 12:36
                  Seems John Ringo's favorite route to Galeyville was crossing the mountains at Prue's Ranch and Apache Pass, about 20 miles north as the crow flies of where his body was found. ???
      • Interesting-Thanks Mr. VailBob Cash, Fri Oct 14 2016 13:03
        I am 95% convinced that Ringo did not commit suicide and that at the very least Wyatt knew the details of his killing, if not because he himself did it, then because the details were relayed to him. I... more
        • early collaboratorsK.t.K., Tue Oct 18 2016 8:30
          Robert, I notice there was a lot of various intriguing stuff going on in Cochise County for April 1882. We had Lou Cooley heading out of Tombstone to meet J. J. Valentine, in person, at Willcox, as he... more
          • Re: early collaboratorsBob Cash, Mon Oct 24 2016 10:55
            Actually, based on your Hickey's info (which I had not forgotten), Frank Leslie is neck and neck with Wyatt in terms of who killed Ringo, if he did not, in fact, commit suicide. I believe I posted an Epitaph... more
            • Johnny Behind the DeuceK.t.K., Thu Oct 27 2016 14:45
              Well, the Apaches would have been equally dangerous to all the many people traipsing around in the Chiricuahua vicinities, besides JBTD, if he was in fact hiding out there. But I see your point about... more