Bob Cash
Re: Tom and Bob
Fri May 05, 9:41

The story about Mary Ringo was, in my feeble memory, something from Gilchriese who claimed Wyatt said that to Flood and Flood told him. Flood is disastrously vague and confusing.

I've been trying to locate that Virgil article, although my steadily deteriorating memory is that Virg said whoever killed Ringo tried to make it look like he was killed by Apaches because they were wearing moccasins, but he doesn't mention the part of Ringo's scap that was missing. That article is somewhere on ths board but I haven't been able to find it yet.

  • Tom and BobPeter Love, Thu May 04 7:01
    Guys I read somewhere that Mary Ringo had visited Wyatt and out of respect for her he was not claiming to have done the job at that time. I don’t know when this was , but he definitely implied that... more
    • Re: Tom and Bob — Bob Cash, Fri May 05 9:41
      • Any idea, Bob,olds, Sat May 06 9:14
        about Virgil's source for his moccasin/Apache info, and when, if you know, he went on the record with it and to whom? Virgil left Tombstone in March of 1882, Ringo's suicide was three months later... more
      • Any?, Or even ...gobs, Fri May 05 10:45 more
        • Thank you, gobs...Bob Cash, Fri May 05 12:34
          ...for proving I'm right when I refer to my deteriorating memory. I appologize, Peter, for incorrectly correcting your aparently prisine memory.
          • Re: Thank you, gobs...Peter Love, Fri May 05 22:19
            Bob No worries. None of it explains why a suicide would be falsified. Ringo was not wanted for any crime although seems acknowledged to be a rustler. Are you thinking that some of the big ranch... more