I misspoke.
Fri May 05, 9:52

I am concerned about ALL your fingers. The thumbs less so, sorry, but even those opposable digits to a certain extent. I only hope that yours are not afflicted by arthritis as are mine, though not of the rheumatoid type, thank goodness.

In any event, no hurry reply-wise. You're not on the clock. All in good time, which I am told, speaking of time, is a phrase that originated in the 16th century.

  • Re: What am I missing?Bob Cash, Fri May 05 9:28
    I thought you said you were concerned about my finger. I'l have to start hunting and pecking on this late this weekend.
    • I misspoke. — olds, Fri May 05 9:52
      • ... find of a contemporary source on ngo's death that I know of. From Steve Gatto: https://nediscapp.herokuapp.com/discussion.cgi?disc=39627&article=38777&search_page=3&search_term=Ringo Interesting... more