Thanks for such a response
Fri May 05, 13:50

I cannot respond on that scale right now but will make a mini try later.

Here are just a couple of things I took special note about.

"Behan had been unsuccessful (AND HE HAD BEEN)"
I don't understand how you can say that!!!? Behan had not finished his effort and had been interupted by Virgil. What happened after that was 100% Virgils fault in my opinion.
Remember Wyatt is supposed to have said later in life, that his side went there "to make a fight."

"Virgil waited till the last possible moment to act."
If it was the last possible moment what made all the other moments before that not the last possible moment? What urgent last possible event or need made it impossible for Virgil to wait a while longer to go down there from his office? I don't see how there could possibly be one as Virgil had been delaying for some time. A bit more might have allowed Behan to settle it.

Isn't Virgil saying to Behan, "Do it on my schedule and my way or I will seek a much worse alternative"

Virgil paid for his error with so much tragedy for his family, I must ,, at least, feel sorry for him.

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    • Thanks for such a response — Tom, Fri May 05 13:50