Pat Mulligan
re:time Frame
Sat May 06, 7:49

So there is no real idea how long Virgil waited for Behan to "talk" to the Cowboy's.
All we have is people taking sides on the time based on proving their own point of view.

How Many have actually walked the path Behan took and timed it?
How long was he with the Cowboy's? Seems like it took more than a couple of minutes to talk to Frank, have him demur to give up his weapon. Then walk down and talk to the other Cowboys and search Tom/Ike for weapons. What did he say to Billy who obviously had a weapon on him?
All this Time Virgil is being pressured to take action by Citizen's.

  • Re: Time FrameTom Gaumer, Tue Apr 25 19:28
    There is no way that I know of to determine exactly how much time passed after Behan left Virgil until Virgil arrived at the scene of the fight. It can be determined there was no hurry for Virgil to... more
    • re:time Frame — Pat Mulligan, Sat May 06 7:49