Pat Mulligan
Peter Virgil Trust Behan?
Sat May 06, 8:17

Virgil may not have trusted Behan but considered that letting him go talk was a prudent thing to do in order to avoid a confrontation.

Anyone in Virgil, or any of the City Marshall's posse, probably considered that if they went down to confront the Cowboys blood might be shed, including their own.

As was proven out in the shootout.

  • Re: Let me clear that up, Tom.Peter Love, Wed Apr 19 4:15
    Hi Bob The thing is according to his own words, Virgil initially did trust Behan to go down alone to disarm them. Something or someone must have changed his mind.
    • Peter Virgil Trust Behan? — Pat Mulligan, Sat May 06 8:17
    • Maybe it was Virgils desire for a fight?Tom Gaumer, Sun Apr 23 5:37
      Peter When Virgil swore under oath that he believed Behan had disarmed them and kept going down there anyway, he could no longer claim he was going to disarm them. Keep Laughing Tom
    • Re: Re: Let me clear that up, Tom.Bob Cash, Wed Apr 19 10:01
      Peter, I find nothing in the Behan or Virgil's testimony that state that Virg showed that he trusted Behan to disarm the Cowboys, just that he did not try to stop him from doing so. There was a lot of... more
      • Re: Re: Re: Let me clear that up, Tom.Peter Love, Wed Apr 19 17:56
        Bob Virgil said “I called on Johnny Behan who refused to go with me…he said if he went with me they would fight sure., they would not give up their arms to me. He said ..I will go down alone and see... more