Pat Mulligan
Mrs King
Sat May 06, 8:24

perhaps when they interviewed Mrs King she said something that they did not want her to repeat on the stand.
It would be most interesting to see if any notes from the Prosecution/Defense every show up.

They would tell you more about what the truth is than anything
said in court.

  • Question...Joyce A. Aros, Fri Feb 10 8:15
    Why did the Prosecution not see the advantage of Mrs. King's testimony and make effort to develop it more?
    • Mrs King — Pat Mulligan, Sat May 06 8:24
      • I am afraid the idea...Joyce A. Aros, Sat May 06 11:25
        ...of notes turning up this point is wishful thinking. So much appears to be lost forever or in some collector's bottom desk drawer and forgotten. But the Prosecution sure have been all over Mrs.... more
    • Another WhyTom Gaumer, Sat Feb 11 1:06
      Why didn't the Prosecution ask Virgil why he continued on down towards the cowboys after he and Wyatt both said in court under oath that they believed Behan had disarmed the cowboys. They both claimed... more