Tom Gaumer
Consider this possibility
Sat May 06, 18:44

Each of us might be right on some things and wrong on others and discussion of the content and details might allow everyone learn and become wise?
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Virgil had no need to go down on Fremont Street to interrupt Johnny Behan. There was no big need or emergency

So, why did he do it at that moment after waiting perhaps an hour doing nothing about the cowboys ?
Considering all the consequences of his decision should we feel sorry for him? Iam sorry for him bringing all that misery down on his whole family when only a few more minutes might have saved his family from so much misery Do you think he ever felt any shame or guilt for what followed his poor thinking???
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  • Thank you, Joyce.Anonymous, Thu May 04 22:50
    Your friendship (and Tom's) is one of the great perks I've recieved from getting into this infernal subject. Which begs the question, how can one as kind and generous as you (and this goes for Tom, too),... more
    • Consider this possibility — Tom Gaumer, Sat May 06 18:44
    • the age of enlightenment....Joyce A. Aros, Fri May 05 6:55
      ...surely you all must have recognized we live in a time when good is bad and bad is good! So our little distractions like playing on BJ's help us keep our senses and rise above it. It will get worse... more
    • Re: Thank you, Joyce.B.J., Fri May 05 1:50
      I used to be married so I have a lot of experience being wrong.🤓