Sun May 07, 8:11

I remember having to add another humanities class as a requirement to graduate from college many years ago.

My girlfriend at the time suggested that I sign up for a philosophy-301 class with her.

The one quote that I always remembered from that long ago class:
(don’t remember the philosopher’s name)

“When everybody is in agreement, only one person is thinking”
(or words to that effect)

On this history forum, it’s important to include all opinions, perspectives and document interpretations.

Each contrary perspective tends to send historians back to the written record and elicits more research and debate.

Over the years several people have suggested a requirement that users must be acceptable to post and read posts by using the sign up function on the forum’s maintenance page.

My view is that a forum host should not double as a forum dictator, deciding who is acceptable and who is not acceptable to post and read posts.

I understand there are other media and facebook venues which require signing up but I have never believed in maintaining a history version of Nixon’s White House enemies exclusion list.

If someone is making virulent attacks or trying to use the forum to sell questionable pictures, guns etc.

I just deal with that person individually.

I think the general public should not have to jump through hoops in order to join a list of acceptable users.

Just saying 🤔

  • BJ/ thank you...Joyce A. Aros, Tue May 02 7:21
    ...I will try to remember that so no one will misunderstand and think it is part of my "game," as referred to!
    • Joyce — B.J., Sun May 07 8:11