Mike Mihaljevich
Missed My Meaning
Sun May 07, 14:09

It's not over the top because the statement isn't true. It doesn't matter if it came from a sidewalk propped or a person with a degree. Have you not lived long enough to know that a credential, a certification or a title is not a guarantee for being right? This same credibility tactic is used in infomercials when they try to sell you nonsense products which are endorsed by a Dr in a white coat with a stethoscope around their neck. In practical application, the statement isn't true, because as I have explained, the method of presenting an opposing view by the parties in this thread is one that distorts information to fit a predisposed bias. That is not constructive behavior in any arena where truth is the higher cause. It's game-playing that is insulting to people doing honest research. Creating excuses and providing defense for such behavior is puzzling and disappointing.

  • Re: Any argument?B.J., Sun May 07 11:07
    Mike, with all due respect Your statement: “The fact that those words come from a professor gives them no more credibility” Is a bit over the top? How do you rationalize away a perspective... more
    • Missed My Meaning — Mike Mihaljevich, Sun May 07 14:09
      • Have you not lived long enough....B.J., Mon May 08 3:29
        Actually Mike, you might be right. LOL My daughter thinks it funny that at the tender age of 76 and having served two tours of duty during the vietnam war, recently full time retired after working... more
        • Tender age…Henrik63, Tue May 09 0:02
          B.J. You have my sincere respect for going “the academical way” aiming at another degree! Thank you for your service! Respectfully, Henrik
      • Re: Missed My MeaningB.J., Mon May 08 3:01
        Hey Mike, it occurred to me that maybe you and Joyce have a at least a few things in common. You both reject the history processes which I have learned during my graduate studies. Several times... more