Tom Gaumer
Why was Fuller not asked why he was
Mon May 08, 2:01

interested just in Billy and did not mention the others? Would that not possibly reflect on the motives of the Earps, at least in Fullers mind and perhaps reflect on why they went down to "make a fight."
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  • AgreePeter Love, Sat Apr 29 18:11
    Bob I don’t think they walked down Fremont sidewalk with pistols in hand. They most likely pulled their pistols in those last few strides, with Behan yelling to them to “put up your arms”. Claiborne... more
    • Why was Fuller not asked why he was — Tom Gaumer, Mon May 08 2:01
    • If they pulled theirguns in the last few secondsTom Gaumer, Sun Apr 30 14:15
      Peter or strides could that movement have been what started the shooting? Do you have any idea why Fuller only mentioned being concerned about Billy, as opposed to the other cowboys Keep Laugh... more
      • TheoriesPeter Love, Sun Apr 30 17:20
        Tom I wonder if this scenario put forward by Virgil and Wyatt that they holstered their pistols or moved them around was to cover for the fact that they knew witnesses might have seen them with pistols... more
        • Presenting themselves as victimsTom Gaumer, Mon May 01 3:34
          Peteer\ Of Behans manipulations that forced them to fight from a disadvantage might work to make things look better for them? If they were lieing which seems likely, I wonder who might believe... more