Re: Missed My Meaning
Mon May 08, 3:01

Hey Mike, it occurred to me that maybe you and Joyce have a at least a few things in common.

You both reject the history processes which I have learned during my graduate studies.

Several times I have tried to explain the importance of the peer review process to Joyce.

Joyce basically rejects the peer review process which my resource professor and many other accredited academics recognize.

Her answer from what I remember, is that she doesn't need to use the peer review process because she is "able to think for myself' (words to that effect)

It is obvious that nothing is going to change Joyce's history perspective.

However other readers may benefit from the rebuttals.

At the same time, multiple posters have posted evidence to support Joyce's perspective while others have posted evidence that contradict what she wants to believe.

Just look at the posts on this forum in support of Joyce's beliefs.

Joyce's locked-in perspective has elicited much discussion, for and against.

That said, her locked-in beliefs tend to elicit and encourage further research from others to post evidence which vary from what she wants to believe. There are many examples on this process on this forum.

BTW Mike, my history perspective very similar to yours. Your articles and publications are well researched, documented and respected.

  • Missed My MeaningMike Mihaljevich, Sun May 07 14:09
    It's not over the top because the statement isn't true. It doesn't matter if it came from a sidewalk propped or a person with a degree. Have you not lived long enough to know that a credential, a... more
    • Have you not lived long enough....B.J., Mon May 08 3:29
      Actually Mike, you might be right. LOL My daughter thinks it funny that at the tender age of 76 and having served two tours of duty during the vietnam war, recently full time retired after working... more
      • Tender age…Henrik63, Tue May 09 0:02
        B.J. You have my sincere respect for going “the academical way” aiming at another degree! Thank you for your service! Respectfully, Henrik
    • Re: Missed My Meaning — B.J., Mon May 08 3:01