Wayne Sanderson
Mon May 08, 23:31

Presiding Officer in this case was the city Chief of Police. The members of the police commission were Commissioners. The CoP was an officer, and would be presiding because he stood election for the position. Virgil Earp as CoP could grant permits to whomever he wished, which is why Holliday could carry while others could not- VE gave him a permit.

This would explain why the County Commission had to vote Frank Leslie an appointment as a county Special Officer empowered to carry within the Oriental, where he worked: If VE wouldn't give him a permit due to politics, such a machination was the only way to see Leslie armed in Milt Joyce's saloon

  • who was in charge on authorizing carry permits?Tom Gaumer, Mon May 08 16:37
    Pat According to Lynn Bailey in his book "Too Tough To Die" It is hereby declared to be unlawful to carry in the hand or upon the person , or otherwise any deadly weapon within said City of Tombstone,... more
    • whsander@gmail.com — Wayne Sanderson, Mon May 08 23:31