You're mainly right, Bob.
Tue May 09, 18:04

That is almost my whole premise. That said, I would hesitate to suggest "that there is no use in discussing Ringo's death." Discuss away, especially after quaffing a pint or two, if that's your druthers, although I would add that such discussions have a long history, that I am aware of many if not most of them, that they tend to repeat themselves while going nowhere save around in the same endless circles (because the facts, so far anyway, haven't changed over time), and that, I won't say the only, but by far the likeliest conclusion to be drawn from them is the one I have, after some study of the matter, drawn.

That said, as I've mentioned, while anything is possible, some things are more possible, even conclusively likely than are others.

I simply am of the opinion that what you characterize as "so many unanswered questions about the death scene," do not strike me as unanswered at all when the available evidence is weighed and placed in proper historical, biographical and psychological context. That context, in my opinion, answers for what might otherwise seem slightly more problematic were one to obsess over such details as the scalp, the wrapped feet, the watch chain, the upside down belt, the tree, and so on, including Boyer's "compression of time" theory, which isn't really a theory, but an agenda-driven pretext.

Were there what some might characterize as an oddity or peculiarity or two about the death scene? Perhaps, at first blush. But there is nothing about them that is unanswerable. There is, for me, no mystery to be solved here, save the mystery of why certain people insist upon rendering mysterious that which is either logically explained or entirely self-apparent.

But all this is rather beside the point, isn't it? The real unanswered question is the one I posed at the outset. Why did Wyatt B.S. Earp claim to have killed John Peters Ringo? Surely you do not, cannot, like Boyer, believe that that is the case, can you?

You remark that "Ringo had so many enemies." I don't disagree, though it would be helpful if you named them so we might know who you have in mind. A lot of folks in that place at that time had "so many enemies."

So if Wyatt didn't kill Ringo, and if you don't believe that Ringo killed himself, then where does that leave us? With O'Rourke? Zero evidence there. Leslie? I am aware of no one who took his claim seriously. Nameless others? Or do we content ourselves with dismissing or equivocating about the overwhelming weight of the evidence, throw up our hands, and perform what back in the day was called a cop-out: "We'll never know the truth."

Well, I for one believe that we do know the truth: Ringo offed himself. Why? Because everything we know about his life, and death, renders that truth not only plausible or most plausible, but inescapably inevitable. It's not quantum physics.

But perhaps the good researcher Gatto will have disinterred some new primary info that will prompt me to reconsider, which I am perfectly willing to do should he succeed in doing so. Until then, however....

By the way, I couldn't read that newspaper article you so kindly provided. Print's too small for my aged eyes and when I tried to enlarge it, it became unreadably blurry. Could you summarize the salient points? Thanks.

  • Re: What am I missing?Bob Cash, Tue May 09 9:35
    Olds, your whole premise seems to be that there is no use in discussing whether Ringo's death was a suicide or homicide and therefore no use in discussing who the possible killer was if it was the latter.... more
    • You're mainly right, Bob. — olds, Tue May 09 18:04
      • Ringo's Enemies Llist # 1Bob Cash, Sat May 13 8:38
        Olds, you write: You remark that "Ringo had so many enemies." I don't disagree, though it would be helpful if you named them so we might know who you have in mind. A lot of folks in that place at that... more
        • Will I never learn?olds, Sat May 13 11:08
          Bob, I replied to your post here, but to find it you will need to click on the link to Lynn's post which apparently is the one I responded to instead of yours. I made this mistake previously. If it happens... more
        • Ringo's Enemy List # 2Anonymous, Sat May 13 9:38
          Another possibility is someone acting on behalf of sheepman James Martin https://nediscapp.herokuapp.com/discussion.cgi?disc=39627&article=29196&page=0 (I rememember Steve Gatto had some problem... more
          • No, I will never learn.olds, Sat May 13 13:24
            Did it again, Bob. You will need to click on the link to see my reply. This is getting scary. What is it that Einstein is purported to have said about his definition of insanity?
      • Re: You're mainly right, Bob.Bob Cash, Fri May 12 10:16
        Here’s the article you requsted , Olds. A reprint of a recent article in the Tombstone Prospector in the March 22nd issue of the Arizona Weekly Enterprise states: "The inquests held in Cochise county from... more
        • Thanks, Bob. Appreciate it.olds, Fri May 12 17:48
          What immediately piqued my interest was the statement, "There is more than one man living in Cochise County who knows who did it." How would PROSPECTOR, who might as well have signed off as "Anonymous,"... more
          • Re: Thanks, Bob. Appreciate it.Bob Cash, Mon May 15 9:29
            Olds, you write, "I needn't mention that both Jack Burrows and Gary Roberts are satisfied that Ringo was a suicide. I will be gobsmacked if Gatto isn't as well." Okay, you've played your Burrows, Roberts,... more
            • LOL.olds, Mon May 15 13:43
              The Morey card is an excellent one. Well-played, Bob. I am probably Jeff's biggest fan, as I am a fast friend, and respect his opinions in these matters without reservation, so I've been aware of his... more
          • Re: Thanks, Bob. Appreciate it.Anonymous, Sat May 13 22:28
            Olds, I'm pretty sure that this means it was a reprint from the TOMBSTONE PROSPRECTOR newspaper. Gatto believes Ringo committed suicide. Because of the upside down gun belt, the missing piece of... more
            • Thanks for those articles.olds, Sun May 14 8:51
              Fascinating stuff. End of the day, all considered, what it comes down to, I suppose, is how one weighs the importance of one fact or factor against or over another, and ultimately that is a subjective... more
              • By the way, Bob,olds, Sun May 14 11:35
                if the source of those statements was a newspaper and not a person--and thanks for setting me straight on that--it changes nothing save to discredit that newspaper owing to its appalling lack of journalistic... more
              • Re: Thanks for those articles.Bob Cash, Sun May 14 10:04
                olds, you asked: You mention law enforcement officers. Are you including in that group forensic profilers and psychologists? I don't know. At least two are still posting, one who says Ringo's death is... more
                • That letter in Ringo's pocket....Robert Buckley, Sun May 14 12:10
                  I've always leaned toward Ringo shooting himself....but, that letter in Ringo's pocket at the time of his death gives me pause. The letter was from the law office of James A. Zabriskie. Zabriskie was... more
                  • Re: That letter in Ringo's pocket....Bob Cash, Thu May 18 8:51
                    I don't know anything about the Tiffany case, Robert, but wasn't Zabriskie a top notch defense lawyer? Maybe it had something to do with charges against Ringo concerning shooting the guy for not accepting... more
                    • Re: Re: That letter in Ringo's pocket....Robert Buckley, Thu May 18 18:26
                      Bob, Zabriskie was the United States Disrict Attorney for the Territory of Arizona at that time. Actually, Zabriskie was named to that position a few days after Ringo's death if my memory is correct.... more
                      • Re: Re: Re: That letter in Ringo's pocket....Bob Cash, Sat May 20 22:56
                        Thank you so much, Robert, for pointing out that independent researchers could lon into the JSTOR site. Over the last 15 years or so I have again and again pulled up the first pages of articles I wanted... more
                        • Bob, another article on JSTORRobert Buckley, Sun May 21 16:10
                          Bob,it sounds like you have some catching up to do on JSTOR. I'll get you started with one of my favorite articles on the site. It was published in 1970 by the Montana Historical Society and written... more
                          • Re: Bob, another article on JSTORBob Cash, Thu May 25 10:17
                            Thank you again, Robert. I truly appreciate it. This guy Robetts had some pretty interesting ideas about the street fight 53 years ago. I wonder if he ever followed up with anything else on the subject.... more
        • Re: Re: You're mainly right, Bob.Anonymous, Fri May 12 10:23
          Another article of interest. https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn84024828/1890-01-18/ed-1/seq-2/#date1=1836&index=1&date2=1922&searchType=advanced&language=&sequence=0&words=John+Ringold&proxd... more
          • Thanks again, Bob, especiallyolds, Fri May 12 18:23
            for including the hunted-and-pecked "translation" of the article. (Couldn't read that one either.) Sorry, but I am unimpressed by the newspaper's crediting Leslie with "Ringold's" killing. Not only... more