Thanks Peter.
Sat May 13, 7:49

Risky business, butting in.

I just felt that while Mike is spot on about his more sophisticated, professional approach to historical research and interpretation, that he was applying a rigorous academic or scholarly standard to Joyce's posts that is not entirely appropriate in her case in the context of this forum.

I get where he is coming from, as I do his impatience and irritation in light of that, but I also get where Joyce is coming from, and I am of the opinion that both--amateur and professional--can co-exist on this board without it leading to the kind of personalized rancor and castigation that was regrettably the case in this instance.

I'm all for robust back-and-forth and can even abide a little bickering, but for that to have any value whatever it requires a degree of civility, good faith, mutual respect, and the granting of a modicum of grace or at some point it inevitably goes south.

As have you, I've witnessed it happen too many times around here and it quickly becomes tedious while accomplishing nothing save a lot of ugliness and resentment, and in the most extreme cases, which shall remain un-specified, the unfortunate ouster and banning of posters who otherwise would have much to contribute, contributions of which all of us are subsequently deprived and so left the poorer for it.

Thus endeth the sermon, or as gobs prefers, unsuitable ponderings. Enjoy your weekend.

  • great post, too (nm)Peter Love, Sat May 13 1:34
    • Thanks Peter. — olds, Sat May 13 7:49
      • Re: Thanks Peter.B.J., Sat May 13 8:46
        Olds, just a clarification of your post. Nobody currently is banned. Only repeated certain behavior is banned.