Ringo's Enemy List # 2
Sat May 13, 9:38

Another possibility is someone acting on behalf of sheepman James Martin

(I rememember Steve Gatto had some problem with this information, but I can't find his post).

  • Ringo's Enemies Llist # 1Bob Cash, Sat May 13 8:38
    Olds, you write: You remark that "Ringo had so many enemies." I don't disagree, though it would be helpful if you named them so we might know who you have in mind. A lot of folks in that place at that... more
    • Will I never learn?olds, Sat May 13 11:08
      Bob, I replied to your post here, but to find it you will need to click on the link to Lynn's post which apparently is the one I responded to instead of yours. I made this mistake previously. If it happens... more
    • Ringo's Enemy List # 2 — Anonymous, Sat May 13 9:38
      • No, I will never learn.olds, Sat May 13 13:24
        Did it again, Bob. You will need to click on the link to see my reply. This is getting scary. What is it that Einstein is purported to have said about his definition of insanity?