Correct me if am all wet, but
Sat May 13, 10:56

it wasn't only his spurs, but his boots as well, no? But to answer your question, search me. No clue. I've always wondered whether someone or someones (perhaps even a critter or two), hadn't stumbled upon the corpse prior to Yoast discovering it and kept mum about it (as critters will). Doesn't make a lot sense though. Were that the case, his weapons and watch chain doubtless would have been purloined as well.

The one apparent detail that has consistently bothered me above all is the coroner's characterization of the scalp wound viz. a piece--the size is left unremarked upon--"removed as though with a sharp knife." I'm no forensic expert, but this would seem to preclude the possibility of it being the exit location of the bullet that entered at the temple. So unless we insist that that description is not entirely accurate, and we have no basis on which to do so, we are left to speculate about how that happened, though I am skeptical that it was done by some unknown killer to deflect in the direction of Indians, that being a (baseless?) theory that others have suggested. But aside from that....

By the way, thanks for including Lynn's conjecture, but even he prefaces his comments with that all-important word--IF. "If Ringo was suspected of stealing..." And if Lynn doesn't know whether such suspicion in fact existed, then I am willing to take his word for it that no one knows.

Have to say, I am beginning to sense that at this point I am beating a dead Joker or Buckshot, Scout or Silver, Topper, Trigger or Champion, at least with respect to my original question concerning the motive behind Wyatt's fabricated claim. It remains a head-scratcher. So be it.

  • Dealing with John Ringo . . .Lynn R. Bailey, Sun May 24 2015 9:52
    Having read a little about rustling, allow me to say this. If Ringo was suspected of stealing ANY livestock he would have been dealt with. The White brothers, owners of El Dorado Ranch, not far from Ringo’s... more
    • Correct me if am all wet, but — olds, Sat May 13 10:56
    • Re: Dealing with John Ringo . . .Bob Cash, Sun May 24 2015 16:39
      Considering the White's El Dorado Ranch provided cattle to Cochise County butchers as well as those in Los Angeles, they must have effectively protected their livestock to maintain such a surplus of beeves... more
      • "Add another." I like where this is going.John K., Tue May 26 2015 7:53
        Tell us more about the El Dorado ranch crew, if you can. Did they have a reputation for disposing rustlers of their stock? Were they ever suspected of staging suicides to avoid being caught?
        • Good question, John . . .Lynn Bailey, Tue May 26 2015 9:47
          El Dorado ranch was composed of tough, no-nonsense men who did not hesitate to shoot or hang livestock thieves and range intruders. The ranch was founded by Thomas and Jarrett White, who were joined by... more
          • Lynn, you're a treasure of knowledge.John K., Wed May 27 2015 8:33
            Your willingness to share always is appreciated -- most of us would be lost without you. That being said, and without giving this too much thought, I doubt the El Dorado goon squad would have been behind... more
          • Chiricahua Cattle CompanyJerry Lobdill, Wed May 27 2015 4:01
            Hi Lynn, 75 by 35 miles? That’s 2.625 million acres. The XIT had 3 million acres and was owned in fee simple and completely fenced. The LCs ranch of Grant County, NM had 1.5 million contiguous acres,... more
            • Hello Jerry . . .Lynn Bailey, Wed May 27 2015 5:00
              The 30,000 head of cattle is an inflated number. According to tax rolls the CCC herd in 1885 was 6,000 head of cattle; in 1889 it was a whooping 9,520 head of cattle and 375 horses. That year the company... more
          • Re: Good question, John . . .Bob Cash, Tue May 26 2015 11:11
            Interesting about the muler and oxen stolen from Downing's Mill. Was this the William Downing who I have also seen accused of Ringo's murder? Seems to me the reason given for his ire with Ringo was unwanted... more
            • I think so, Bob. . . .Lynn Bailey, Tue May 26 2015 11:54
              Seem like everyone had it in for poor Johnny, maybe even his partners.
          • Lynn, my first question posed as an ArizonanPaul Cool, Tue May 26 2015 11:07
            Hi Lynn I finally made it to AZ, and I already have a question. In your first post, you wrote, "The White brothers, owners of El Dorado Ranch, not far from Ringo’s death site, remarked that while they... more
            • Paul, it’s good to hear from you . . .Lynn Bailey, Tue May 26 2015 11:50
              Are you in Arizona permanently? Hope so; I have so much to talk to you about. Yes, there are inconsistencies here. Theodore White’s quote about “land pirates” is from the Arizona Weekly Citizen of December... more
        • Apaches take cattle sometimes? (nm)B.J., Tue May 26 2015 9:15
          • Yes they did . . .Lynn Bailey, Tue May 26 2015 9:55
            What is interesting, is that rustling always decreased drastically, or stopped altogether, in both New Mexico and Arizona, at times of Apache raiding.