Didn't know that Billy,
Sat May 13, 20:08

about Mike's penchant for personalizing. Unfortunate. Don't know Mike personally so can only generalize that in my experience the tendency, along with that of defensiveness, oft-times can be chalked up to some form of insecurity, the source of which, who can say, including the insecure person him or her self. That said, how anyone can find Joyce's posts "threatening" I can't claim to understand. Her posts may be many things, but in my opinion threatening is not one of them.

I've mentioned this to Joyce previously, but while I often disagree with her "take" on things, I seldom am less than impressed that someone with a 4th-grade formal education can express herself in writing as well as she does and at her age remains as intellectually sharp and curious. (I trust that that does not sound condescending or patronizing; not my intent.)

At a similar age, we should all be so capable of being......threatening.

  • Hey Olds…B.J., Sat May 13 17:36
    I really like your downstream post referred to here. Henry Kissinger would appreciate how you looked at both sides of an issue and summarized what is at the core of their polar opposite perspectives.... more
    • Didn't know that Billy, — olds, Sat May 13 20:08
      • More manipulationMike Mihaljevich, Sat May 20 23:21
        Her dialogue is anything but threatening. On the contrary, it's rather impossible to take seriously. It's a word choice you've applied for flattery. There are two kinds of people in this field... more
        • You seem to haveolds, Sun May 21 9:05
          not bothered to read or simply have not processed the content of the various posts here Mike concerning this subject. Why that should be the case, I hesitate to say--you certainly have had more than enough... more
          • Re: You seem to haveB.J., Sun May 21 12:20
            Hey Olds, Some years ago, at a TTR event, I remember one of the speakers: a retired professor of history, mentioned that... .."The legend" is a very important part of history. (or words to that... more
            • No argument there, Billy.olds, Sun May 21 15:31
              Legend, myth, folktale, fable, even unexamined "conventional wisdom," whichever word or idea is the correct one, it certainly can spur or inspire researchers to pursue "the real story." In my own line... more
              • Re: No argument there, Billy.B.J., Sun May 21 15:50
                Olds, for some reason after reading your post, I immediately had a fractured remembrance of either Buffalo Bill Cody or Wild Bill Hickok during a stage career which included having to wear an outrageous... more
      • MikePam Potter, Sat May 20 7:47
        I do know Mike, personally. He is a passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated researcher who I believe, is very frustrated with much of the modern historical writing. He is trying to right the wrongs as... more
        • Re: MikeB.J., Sat May 20 20:10
          Mike seems to compare a tenured university professor resource’s modus operandi to a cardboard cut-out or a guy in a television marketing ad dressed up as a doctor wearing a stereoscope. What’s with the... more
          • Mike's biggest sinJerry Prather, Mon May 22 9:45
            BJ, it seems that you were pretty much in agreement with much of what Mike was saying early on. Even after his post Missed My Meaning in which he said "It's not over the top because it's not true...a... more
            • Re: Mike's biggest sinB.J., Mon May 22 12:55
              So Jerry, I’m not sure why you feel the need to defend Mike? He can advocate for himself. The post you referred to is being taken out of context. My post was in response to mike claiming that “I... more
        • Share your hope, Pam.olds, Sat May 20 14:53
          Up with rapprochement. My only comment would be, if Mike is frustrated, as am I, if surely to a less passionate extent, with those who are "continually printing the legend," then I would think that... more
      • Re: Didn't know that Billy,B.J., Mon May 15 10:53
        Hey Olds, your negation of: .."Didn't know that Billy, about Mike's penchant for personalizing" ...seems to contrast with your recent, deeply entrenched downstream post per the topic of Mike....... more
        • I get your confusion.olds, Mon May 15 12:51
          I was referring to not knowing that Mike had a PENCHANT for or PATTERN of personalizing. Obviously, I knew that he did with Joyce, but reckoned that was a one-off. It was when you added that he had done... more