Sharon Cunningham
Casey's 'agenda!'
Sun May 14, 9:34

Y'all, if you go back and read ALL these posts... pro & con the freakin' Earps... EVERYBODY has an agenda!! Casey and Joyce might just have more prominent approaches, both having been published, yes?

  • TefertillerButch Badon, Mon Apr 10 12:05
    has an agenda. I read everything he writes with utmost caution. I double-check what I read from Casey. I am not saying Casey doesn't have a great deal of knowledge, I just think where the Earps are... more
    • Casey's 'agenda!' — Sharon Cunningham, Sun May 14 9:34
      • Sharon: 'agenda' vs 'perspective' ?B.J., Sun May 14 13:54
        Hi Sharon, happy to see you posting again. I just wanted to mention something Casey said during one of his real time/real world discussions years ago. If I remember correctly, ...Casey said... more
    • Tefertillergobs, Tue Apr 11 2:36
      Butch ... your unbiased opinion ... where do you double-check and what mistakes do you find? I have no idea about this first threat thing ... I should have told Joyce to avoid the mental conjecture... more
      • Well,Butch Badon, Wed Apr 12 15:11
        Mr. Tefertiller once posed that an article in a San Francisco newspaper was evidence of an investigation into Wyatt Earp in which Wyatt was given a clean bill of health. The article - which Casey sent... more
        • Well,gobs, Thu Apr 13 5:38
          Butch ... so, not so much a mistake as a biased opinion ... and based on an article from the notoriously unbiased SF press? As you don't pinpoint the investigation how can I argue? A lot of work would... more
          • Dodge is a canard.Butch Badon, Thu Apr 13 14:21
            Carolyn Lake did not have the diaries (by her own admission) for the Tombstone years of Fred Dodge. How can we know if Dodge's recollections for that period are even close to what happened. And Ms. Lake... more
            • Dodge is a canardgobs, Fri Apr 14 4:29
              Butch ... as I said, how can I argue? Why Dodge? I just threw four WF names in to tease out the missing details of your newspaper story Take care
              • DodgeButch Badon, Sun Apr 16 18:11
                was a Wells Fargo detective from 1890 to his retirement. Prior to 1890 there is no proof Dodge was anything other than a friend of Wyatt Earp. Butch
                • Fred DodgePeter Brand, Tue Apr 18 15:54
                  Hi Butch Have you done any deep-dive research into Fred Dodge and his partner from 1860-1890? Cheers PB
                • Dodgegobs, Mon Apr 17 2:41
                  Well, you did mention the San Francisco papers
                  • YesButch Badon, Mon Apr 17 18:28
                    But only in the newspapers context with Casey Tefertiller and what he attempted to pass off as a Wells-Fargo investigation. There was no investigation. Butch
                    • Yesgobs, Tue Apr 18 4:36
                      Butch ... how many more sitting ducks do I have to post for you to shoot down before you show the rest of us the damning evidence or what you keep confirming as fraudulent? What evidence and provided... more