I'm the one who's lost it, not you. (nm)
Sun May 14, 11:45

  • Am I losing it...Bob Cash, Sun May 14 10:27
    ...or did you actually make this post below, that I cannot now find anywhere on this page? If so there's a partial answer below it. olds Reading between the lines, is Lynn suggesting that the implication... more
    • I can't resist offering my 2 cents...Joyce A. Aros, Sun May 14 13:40
      When I think about Breakenridge relating his experience with John Ringo reeling in the saddle after miles in the hot desert sun and offering him a swig of his bottle which was too hot to swallow...well,... more
    • I'm the one who's lost it, not you. (nm) — olds, Sun May 14 11:45