Sharon: 'agenda' vs 'perspective' ?
Sun May 14, 13:54

Hi Sharon, happy to see you posting again.

I just wanted to mention something Casey said during one of his real time/real world discussions years ago.

If I remember correctly,

...Casey said prior to his Earp/Tombstone research and publishing his well-known Earp Book.

Casey shared his family's perspective of a negative Earp bias.

I had the feeling this was a research transformational perspective process for Casey. ?

  • Casey's 'agenda!'Sharon Cunningham, Sun May 14 9:34
    Y'all, if you go back and read ALL these posts... pro & con the freakin' Earps... EVERYBODY has an agenda!! Casey and Joyce might just have more prominent approaches, both having been published, yes?
    • Sharon: 'agenda' vs 'perspective' ? — B.J., Sun May 14 13:54