I get your confusion.
Mon May 15, 12:51

I was referring to not knowing that Mike had a PENCHANT for or PATTERN of personalizing. Obviously, I knew that he did with Joyce, but reckoned that was a one-off. It was when you added that he had done the same with you that I took the liberty of characterizing it as a penchant or pattern. Hope that clarifies.

Frankly, I was half-expecting that he would respond to me in the same personalized manner, and he still may, fingers crossed, but thus far I have been disappointed. I'm always up for being excoriated, even savaged. At this age, I'm not only accustomed to it, but wonder what I have done wrong when it doesn't happen.

  • Re: Didn't know that Billy,B.J., Mon May 15 10:53
    Hey Olds, your negation of: .."Didn't know that Billy, about Mike's penchant for personalizing" ...seems to contrast with your recent, deeply entrenched downstream post per the topic of Mike....... more
    • I get your confusion. — olds, Mon May 15 12:51