Mon May 15, 13:43

The Morey card is an excellent one. Well-played, Bob.

I am probably Jeff's biggest fan, as I am a fast friend, and respect his opinions in these matters without reservation, so I've been aware of his "take" on this subject long before the publication of that True West article. That said, we simply agree to disagree on this one, as do you and I. That's fine. No harm no foul. There is, after all, a solidly speculative case to be made--indeed, you've made it here in your many posts--that Ringo's death remains a mystery. It's not an indefensible position to have, it's just a position that I disagree with for the reasons I've explained.

  • Re: Thanks, Bob. Appreciate it.Bob Cash, Mon May 15 9:29
    Olds, you write, "I needn't mention that both Jack Burrows and Gary Roberts are satisfied that Ringo was a suicide. I will be gobsmacked if Gatto isn't as well." Okay, you've played your Burrows, Roberts,... more
    • LOL. — olds, Mon May 15 13:43