Joyce A. Aros
BJ/ obviously I was also a little out of...
Mon May 15, 14:20

...control! Glad you said it was years ago, as I am sure I would not use such exciting language today. I am sure I had some stupid answer at the time...but in all fairness, I do still believe Wyatt did not think things through at the time and over-reacted to the then situation.

Those were clearly traumatic days for Wyatt. Losing Morgan and almost losing Virgil, probably feeling the huge responsibility of caring for distressed women-folk and who knows what he dealt with regarding the public's response to the gunfight and the Hearing. He wasn't looking too good at the time. His associates were not the best either but probably the kind of back-up he needed.

I have always viewed Wyatt as quiet and crafty, but not the sharpest when dealing with outside pressures. He didn't seem to handle some of his previous positions wisely and seemed to have a short fuse, though not as thuggish as Virgil. The vendetta ride was poorly planned, if planned at all, and didn't come off as well as many seem to think.

But as we see today, when gunfire is available, emotions can run high and a revenge-like mind-set can control the judgements to the detriment of some innocents, which might have been the case with the so-called 'Indian Charlie.'

Though Wyatt may have felt justified, shooting a man down when he is in no position to defend himself is cowardly! The same applies to Stilwell as his gun never left the holster, according to reports. I am not convinced Stilwell did the Morgan thing and Wyatt had no proof of Stilwell or Indian Charlie being the men he sought. His action against Tom MCLaury on the street follows the same unreasonable reaction by his state of mind.

But we didn't live in 1880. Perhaps we may have viewed things differently if we had.

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