Joyce A. Aros
Bob, are you really expecting me ...
Mon May 15, 14:28 respond to all that? Do you have a mean streak that has never been revealed to us?

Pick one and I will try to defend myself to some degree. I do enjoy a challenge if I have enough coffee, but I am beginning to have my doubts about you!

  • "leader of the cowboys"Bob Cash, Thu Mar 31 2016 8:57 more
    • Bob, are you really expecting me ... — Joyce A. Aros, Mon May 15 14:28
    • More on the Clanton-Romero fracas . . .Lynn R. Bailey, Thu Mar 31 2016 12:55
      The Clanton brothers and Ebin Stanley patronized St. Johns’ Monarch Billiard Saloon run by Walter Darlington. They also caroused at Charlie Kinnear’s saloon in Springerville. It was in that establishment... more
    • "Ringo...Clanton...Jimmy Hughes and a horde of others...Bob Cash, Thu Mar 31 2016 10:09
      "...who made it a dangerous region for law abiding people" more
      • "Phin and Ike...old time Grahamites..."Bob Cash, Thu Mar 31 2016 10:11 more
        • Between Eagle Creek and the BlueBob Cash, Thu Mar 31 2016 10:32
          The article in the post above refers to Ike's and Phin's new homestead as being " located between the Blue and Eagle creeks". The article in the second column of the paper below refers to a number of horses... more
          • Clanton transhumance . . .Lynn R. Bailey, Thu Mar 31 2016 13:14
            Shortly after Lee Renfro’s departure, on November 13th to be exact, snow started to fall on the Rim Country. The storm continued for a month. There was a thaw just before Christmas, then the deadly Blizzard... more
          • "Ike Clanton, one of the most noted desperadoes...Bob Cash, Thu Mar 31 2016 10:48
            ...Arizona ever produced." more
            • “Poor deluded, misguided Ike Clanton” . . .Lynn R. Bailey, Thu Mar 31 2016 13:22
              Not many mourned the death of Ike Clanton. The Apache County Critic merely noted on June 18th: “Thus ended the wild career of poor deluded, misguided Ike Clanton. He sowed to the wind and has harvested... more
              • Re: “Poor deluded, misguided Ike Clanton” . . .Bob Cash, Sun Apr 03 2016 11:40
                Thank you, Lynn, for your years of toiling in newspaper morgues, archives and libraries and sharing your discoveries in your many indispensable books. Looking forward to your next one.