Thanks for that link, Bob.
Fri May 19, 15:37

Interesting. Good summary, if one that at this point, thanks to Kenny and others, we could augment with even more miscreancy.

Have no idea what "modern law enforcement" would or wouldn't do, but I'd suggest that I'm not "cavalierly disregarding" those statements. To reiterate, I'm characterizing them, after considering their source, as so vague, non-specific, and non-descript--and yes, throwaway-ish--that to in hindsight attach any special or red flag meaning to them, or interpret them as containing a "hint" or "suggestion" or anything "curious" with respect to Ringo, amounts to haruspicy. Methinks thou is grasping at straws.

As for Bat getting his info from Wyatt, I suspect that he did, most of it anyway, which is precisely the problem.

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    Bat may not have been in the vicinity at the time of Ringo's death, but he was certainly with Wyatt in Colorado and/or in communication with him during that summer and many times thereafter until his permanent... more
    • Thanks for that link, Bob. — olds, Fri May 19 15:37