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Sun May 21, 12:20

Hey Olds,

Some years ago, at a TTR event, I remember one of the speakers: a retired professor of history, mentioned that...

.."The legend" is a very important part of history.
(or words to that effect)

I was one of several attendees who were initially surprised by that statement.

I don't remember the name of the retired professor but the way he described it made a lot of sense.

"The legend" tends to elicit research by historians and others to find out the real story behind the legend.

Last year I had asked a history department graduate assistant about the importance of history legend.

The graduate assistant totally agreed with that statement.

The above is consistent with my history professor resource's definition of a "valid perspective' which I recently posted.

The example was the online 'History vs Hollywood' website which compares movies (and sometimes books) to the real story.

The algorithm attached to this site indicates many visits of reality checks of movies which are based upon or inspired by a real story (or legend)

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        Legend, myth, folktale, fable, even unexamined "conventional wisdom," whichever word or idea is the correct one, it certainly can spur or inspire researchers to pursue "the real story." In my own line... more
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