Re: No argument there, Billy.
Sun May 21, 15:50

Olds, for some reason after reading your post, I immediately had a fractured remembrance of either Buffalo Bill Cody or Wild Bill Hickok during a stage career which included having to wear an outrageous western costume.

After Custer and his 5 companies were all killed in Montana, our stage actor
In the spirit of “life imitating art”

Wore the stage costume to the plains and after killing and scalping a warrior, dedicated the kill to “one for Custer” while holding the scalp up as he did on stage.

It’s been awhile since I read that story and I am not sure about the details or if it’s even true?

  • No argument there, Billy.olds, Sun May 21 15:31
    Legend, myth, folktale, fable, even unexamined "conventional wisdom," whichever word or idea is the correct one, it certainly can spur or inspire researchers to pursue "the real story." In my own line... more
    • Re: No argument there, Billy. — B.J., Sun May 21 15:50