Randie O'Neal
Wed May 24, 17:05

  • Video animation of the GunfightRandie O'Neal, Wed May 24 15:15
    Hello all, About 9-12 months ago, may be longer, there was an animation analysis of the gun fight on here, that was on another video site, similar to YOUTUBE. The analysis broke down witness statements... more
    • Found it! CSI TOMBSTONE — Randie O'Neal, Wed May 24 17:05
      • re: Found it! CSI TOMBSTONEJones, Wed May 24 20:02
        Yes, it's still up. https://rumble.com/Jones will also get you there. Interesting observation about Doc. I agree. If I have it right, Doc scores a hit on each of the cowboys. Best wishes, ... more