Once again, thanks Bob.
Thu May 25, 18:48

So according to Parsons/DeMattos, the scenario I described in my post is "pure fiction." Fair enough. They're the guys in the know.

That said, from what they have written, I still fail to understand why, if it had nothing to do with (avenging?) Ringo, Claiborne would behave so aggressively towards Leslie. The authors seem to suggest that it had something to do with local electoral politics, but unless I am missing something--always possible--they don't specify just what that something was.

Was Claiborne "mixed up" in local politics? Did he have some personal stake in the outcome of that election? If not, and the authors as far as I can discern do not say, then why would they suggest that that is what furnished the motive, sufficient motive, for Claiborne to go after Leslie?

In the end, of course, in the aftermath of their initial contretemps, Claiborne felt that he had been rough-handled and humiliated by Leslie which led to his returning and taking a potshot at him, but what exactly was that contretemps about? An election? What am I missing here?

What I am not missing is that the authors agree that Ringo was a suicide.

  • Re: Thanks for that, Bob.Bob Cash, Thu May 25 15:12
    Here's Parsons' and DeMattos' take on Claiborne and Ringo: https://books.google.com/books?id=FxhgDwAAQBAJ&pg=PA45&dq=Ringo+Claiborne&hl=en&newbks=1&newbks_redir=0&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwifl-qJvMDoAhUKS6wKH... more
    • Once again, thanks Bob. — olds, Thu May 25 18:48
      • Re: Once again, thanks Bob.Bob Cash, Thu May 25 21:26
        According to Bossenecker in RIDE THE DEVIL'S HERD, Billy apparently incorrectly thought that the group speaking with Leslie were talking about the recent shriff's election. Claiborne had supported Dave... more
        • That explains it then.olds, Fri May 26 7:19
          Dumb as it sounds, a misunderstanding about local politics leading to one thing leading to another leading to what it ultimately led to. (Claiborne sounds like a real piece of work, but then Leslie apparently... more
          • Adding my recSarah Stegall, Sun May 28 3:15
            Just want to say that I recently finished Boessenecker’s book, and it’s terrific. Highly recommended.
          • Re: That explains it then.Bob Cash, Fri May 26 11:06
            Olds, you should finish reading this highly educational post and then immediately order RIDE THE DEVIL'S HERD. Bossenecker is no slouch when it comes to research, but in this book his skills are combined... more
            • I unfailingly find your postsolds, Fri May 26 21:22
              edifying, Bob, among other things. You've certainly furthered my education on this subject, for which many thanks. Problem is, the more I know, the more I remain partial to my original position. I... more
              • Re: I unfailingly find your postsBob Cash, Sat May 27 10:51
                Here's a motive that Ken Vail posited for Leslie, or any number of Cochise County characters. https://nediscapp.com/discussion.cgi?disc=39627&article=34553&search_page=2&search_term=Leslie
                • Bob CashPeter Brand, Sat May 27 21:20
                  Bob I say this sincerely - you are the main reason I drop in on this discussion board. Your knowledge and research and measured delivery always impresses me. Keep it up. Cheers PB
                  • Re: Bob CashBob Cash, Sun May 28 14:21
                    Thank you, Peter. I really apptreciate that. I wish my posts would lure more world class authors and researchers (unlike me) back to the board, like you. I'm sure people would be more interested in how... more
                    • ReasonPeter Brand, Sun May 28 19:03
                      Bob - some of the articles you have shared have been very helpful and I appreciate the fact that you share your findings. There is a reason almost all of those you named no longer post here. Cheer... more
                      • Re: ReasonB.J., Sun May 28 20:38
                        So Peter, please let us in on the secret to allow for problem solving? Some months ago, you were very upset at Kenny per a post he made about you. You said you were done posting here until I took action... more
                • Hmm.olds, Sat May 27 13:31
                  So the conjecture is that the motive would have been the reward money offered by this Protective Association? ($1,000 then would be roughly $30,000 now.) As motives go, plausible enough, I suppose, though... more