Peter Brand
Bob Cash
Sat May 27, 21:20


I say this sincerely - you are the main reason I drop in on this discussion board. Your knowledge and research and measured delivery always impresses me. Keep it up.


  • Re: I unfailingly find your postsBob Cash, Sat May 27 10:51
    Here's a motive that Ken Vail posited for Leslie, or any number of Cochise County characters.
    • Bob Cash — Peter Brand, Sat May 27 21:20
      • Re: Bob CashBob Cash, Sun May 28 14:21
        Thank you, Peter. I really apptreciate that. I wish my posts would lure more world class authors and researchers (unlike me) back to the board, like you. I'm sure people would be more interested in how... more
        • Re: Re: Bob CashB.J., Sun May 28 21:06
          Hey Bob, I have communicated with Tefertiller several times recently. He did not mention anything (about being included in the group of non-posters)
          • Re: Re: Re: Bob CashBob Cash, Sun May 28 23:04
            B.J., all I meant by my post is that none of those mentioned post here nearly as much as they used to. I think you have done an excellent job in trying to maintain a site with a welcoming vibe.
            • BobB.J., Mon May 29 20:55
              Of all the people who post here, you have the most balanced historical perspective of events, protagonists and antagonists. I have learned that no matter how objective most historians are and try to... more
            • Thx BobB.J., Mon May 29 1:55
              I have never understood using silence as a form of communication. If informed of a problem, problem solving can implemented .
    • Hmm.olds, Sat May 27 13:31
      So the conjecture is that the motive would have been the reward money offered by this Protective Association? ($1,000 then would be roughly $30,000 now.) As motives go, plausible enough, I suppose, though... more