Bob Cash
Re: Bob Cash
Sun May 28, 14:21

Thank you, Peter. I really apptreciate that. I wish my posts would lure more world class authors and researchers (unlike me) back to the board, like you. I'm sure people would be more interested in how you, or Gatto, or Parsons or Collier, or Morey, or Tefertiller, or Roberts, or Young, or Bailey view the Ringo controversy than in my feeble efforts.

  • Bob CashPeter Brand, Sat May 27 21:20
    Bob I say this sincerely - you are the main reason I drop in on this discussion board. Your knowledge and research and measured delivery always impresses me. Keep it up. Cheers PB
    • Re: Bob Cash — Bob Cash, Sun May 28 14:21
      • Re: Re: Bob CashB.J., Sun May 28 21:06
        Hey Bob, I have communicated with Tefertiller several times recently. He did not mention anything (about being included in the group of non-posters)
        • Re: Re: Re: Bob CashBob Cash, Sun May 28 23:04
          B.J., all I meant by my post is that none of those mentioned post here nearly as much as they used to. I think you have done an excellent job in trying to maintain a site with a welcoming vibe.
          • BobB.J., Mon May 29 20:55
            Of all the people who post here, you have the most balanced historical perspective of events, protagonists and antagonists. I have learned that no matter how objective most historians are and try to... more
          • Thx BobB.J., Mon May 29 1:55
            I have never understood using silence as a form of communication. If informed of a problem, problem solving can implemented .