Stacks=9,256 I think is the line...
Fri Jun 19, 2020 1:12am

It'll work in QB because the stack is a system thing.

What variables do you need to pass in Wry?

I guess you could have a global and not worry about passing variables. (Globals are under used at times, IMO. If you're referring to an variable in almost every procedure maybe it should be global?)

You've already got the story parsers and all that, why not convert it to run properly? I wonder if a couple thousand data statements would be the way to go?

    • Never tried the config.sys idea... - Erik_, Thu Jun 18 2020 2:41pm
      Does that work in QB? I should give that a try. Not sure I'd use it as a fix but would be cool to see it in action. I don't think you can pass a variable to a CALL or GOTO command. It will probably say "Subroutine or Label not defined" or something. I wonder about a global stack count variabl... more
      • Stacks=9,256 I think is the line...- Puckdropper, Fri Jun 19 2020 1:12am
        • the Qbasic stack error. For some reason I always thought it was it's own stack error and the config.sys stack was for something else. Learn something new every day! The variable would be for which screen to go to. I took that as have a global string that held the sub name of what to call next. ... more
          • Why not have the parser flag where extra stuff exists? - Puckdropper, Mon Jun 22 2020 4:57am
            Basically make you a map. "IGNORING STATEMENT AT LINE 239." You then look at line 239 and it will tell you what sub it's in and where and you can add it back in. Ok, so you might have to add a "page id" variable or something and have a long IF..ELSE IF chain (Um... QB had something like SELECT ... more
            • SELECT CASE exists and that definitely could work. - Erik_, Sun Oct 25 2020 1:06am
              Might be easier to just manually take note where the secrets are and add them into the generated source code afterwards instead of having the parser do it. There aren't too many actually. The biggest thing is the invalid selection text but even then a good chunk of them are "YOU MAMA". Wry HTML... more
              • Sometimes that's the easiest way... - Puckdropper, Mon Oct 26 2020 11:51pm
                If you think you'll rerun the parser many times, then it's worth adding the logic to add in those special cases. I love the snow on Wry HTML. :-) It snowed today here but wasn't pretty and was just a rain snow mix. :-(
                • I mean, the whole parser app is sort of absurd. - Erik_, Fri Oct 30 2020 6:06pm
                  The amount of effort that went in to parse a single Qbasic BAS file into different output writers was silly but a fun thing to work on. Creating the data files for Wry COBOL by hand would have been much less effort and probably quicker but zero fun. (Honestly, I probably would have never finishe... more
                  • "We don't do these things because they're easy... but becaus - Puckdropper, Mon Nov 02 2020 1:25am
                    e they're fun." Some president misquoted somewhere. Wait, so you can use a buggy QBASIC source as input to your parser to write a not very buggy QBASIC program? That's like Donald Knuth levels of computer science there!
                    • Sure can. Can also make it more buggy if needed! - Erik_, Mon Nov 02 2020 1:44am
                      Just need to add a class implementation for a Qbasic data writer to the parser project.
                      • Yes, please add more bugs! - Puckdropper, Mon Nov 02 2020 4:06pm
                        Get on a regular release cycle where your parser fixes some bugs, adds a few new ones and you update every 2-4 weeks. Just like every Android app out there, even the ones that should be technically finished! (How many updates does a sliding tile game need?)
                        • Agile at it's finest. - Erik_, Sun Nov 08 2020 2:27am
                          Should have a release at the end of every 2 week sprint. Thankfully at my job being a 20+ year old server side system we're not tied to that. They tried getting us to follow the agile flow to the "T" when it was first introduced to the company. We all had to go to a two day training session which... more
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