NE File Utility v0.40-RC1 Released!
Mon Jun 22, 2020 3:29am

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Contents of README.TXT

NE File Utility
Version: v0.40-RC1
Date: 06-22-2020
Author: Erik Eriksen
NE File Utility is a file management utility similar to File Manager
found in Windows 3.x or DOS Shell found in DOS 5.0. The application
allows you to copy/move/create/modify/rename/etc your directories
and files. It also gives you a visual way to navigate your hard drive
instead of accessing items directly through the command line.

This application came about largely because I've never really tried to
make an application like this using QuickBasic and I figured it would
be a fun little project to work on. Hopefully someone else can also
find it useful.

Minimum System Requirements:
IBM PC/XT or greater
512Kb of RAM (May also work on 256Kb but haven't tested)
*Hercules Monochrome Adapter or CGA or greater.
**Hard Drive or two floppy drives

Note: IBM MDA may work but has not been tested yet. (Will be
before release).

Note: The application will in fact run off a floppy disk (tested as low
as a 360Kb) but temp files will be saved where the application is
run from so if you do not have a hard drive and only one floppy
drive, it will write the temp files to the newly inserted disk.
If you have two floppy drives, the 1st floppy drive can be used to
run the application and the 2nd drive can be managed without issue.

Command Line Parameters:

FILEUTIL [/?] [/RESET] [/XT=ON|/XT=OFF] [drive:\][path]

/? Displays this help screen.
/RESET Deletes all current temp files and configurations and
replaces them with their default values.
/XT=ON Turns on PC/XT keyboard compatibility mode for legacy devices.
/XT=OFF Turns off PC/XT keyboard compatibility mode for legacy devices.
drive:\ Starts application directory view on that drive. (Default C:\)
path Sets the path on the directory to open (optional)

Example: FILEUTIL C:\DOS will start the application viewing the DOS directory.
Know Issues:
* Error handler not enabled in compiled EXE form of application. This is
due to a compilation error that will need to be resolved at a later
* Copying/Moving to a location with insufficient space does not produce
an error message.
* When in doubt, use /RESET command line argument to get back to working
order. It may error out before completing but the application should
work afterwards. (Reset is done based on order of importance in the
files reset, if it fails after 1 or 2, it most likely will not matter).

I've tested it on my XT, 486 and DOSBox on my current computer and it seems to work as expected on all. Please let me know if you find anything not working correctly.

    • Wow, I love the oldschoolness of it! - Puckdropper, Mon Jun 22 2020 4:47am
      I remember reading stuff like this when my XT was my second computer. Awesome!
      • Thanks! I got the idea after messing around with... - Erik_, Wed Jul 01 2020 3:39am
        a file management application that is installed on my IBM XT (was already installed when I got the computer 20 years ago). I think it's called PC Utilities or something like that. It's a suite of applications. One of them is a file manager that's like DOS Shell but predates it. I should probably make... more
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