I mean, the whole parser app is sort of absurd.
Fri Oct 30, 2020 6:06pm

The amount of effort that went in to parse a single Qbasic BAS file into different output writers was silly but a fun thing to work on.

Creating the data files for Wry COBOL by hand would have been much less effort and probably quicker but zero fun. (Honestly, I probably would have never finished the project).

The fact it got a second life with generating Wry HTML is cool. If it gets a 3rd for generating a better Qbasic source that would be a plus... I guess it's worth checking for the secrets and such on each page if I think I'll ever run it again to parse it to some other data / file / source format...

    • Sometimes that's the easiest way... - Puckdropper, Mon Oct 26 2020 11:51pm
      If you think you'll rerun the parser many times, then it's worth adding the logic to add in those special cases. I love the snow on Wry HTML. :-) It snowed today here but wasn't pretty and was just a rain snow mix. :-(
      • I mean, the whole parser app is sort of absurd.- Erik_, Fri Oct 30 2020 6:06pm
        • "We don't do these things because they're easy... but becaus - Puckdropper, Mon Nov 02 2020 1:25am
          e they're fun." Some president misquoted somewhere. Wait, so you can use a buggy QBASIC source as input to your parser to write a not very buggy QBASIC program? That's like Donald Knuth levels of computer science there!
          • Sure can. Can also make it more buggy if needed! - Erik_, Mon Nov 02 2020 1:44am
            Just need to add a class implementation for a Qbasic data writer to the parser project.
            • Yes, please add more bugs! - Puckdropper, Mon Nov 02 2020 4:06pm
              Get on a regular release cycle where your parser fixes some bugs, adds a few new ones and you update every 2-4 weeks. Just like every Android app out there, even the ones that should be technically finished! (How many updates does a sliding tile game need?)
              • Agile at it's finest. - Erik_, Sun Nov 08 2020 2:27am
                Should have a release at the end of every 2 week sprint. Thankfully at my job being a 20+ year old server side system we're not tied to that. They tried getting us to follow the agile flow to the "T" when it was first introduced to the company. We all had to go to a two day training session which... more
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